Nordmann Fir

Our most popular tree, providing a traditional shape with great needle retention.







Pot Grown Nordmann Fir

The same variety as the cut version above but lovingly grown in a pot. This should not be confused with potted equivalents whose root systems are often damaged reducing their chances of survival after Christmas. A pot grown tree can be planted out after Christmas so that you can enjoy it for years to come!






Pine Christmas Tree

Lodgepole Pine

Pine combine the best needle retention of any of our trees with a wonderful fragrance, often referred to as a candle shape, this will be sure to keep its needles right through to the new year.







Fraser Fir

Provides a great fragrance and a traditional shape, often sheared as they are grown which makes them very full. Good needle retention.







Norway Spruce supplied by Carvers Trees in Whittle-le-Woods

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree, now mainly used as an outdoor display tree. Poor needle retention if used indoors in warm rooms.